Compliance Management

    PrimePath ensures Trade compliance from initial process to final delivery. International Trade Compliance commences with understanding all compliance matters arounds the product that is considered for export, this products must be properly classified, it is also very important to ensure suppliers are advised or screened to adhere to this standard process of compliance. Proper and adequate compliance management must be done form source to destination. Please contact us for further inquiries and assistance.

    Export – Import Consultation

    Doing business across international borders can be quite rewarding. However care must be taking to do it right to mitigate the risk involved.

    PrimePath is poised to assist clients’ access international markets. Our team of professionals partner with organizations in a strategic step by step process towards harnessing international market opportunities. One of the goals of international Trade is to have foreign clients in a foreign markets paying for your product and services. International trade readiness assessment is carried out to steered organizations towards success. Please contact us for further inquiries and assistance.

    Due diligence is key to success in international Trade; finding the right customer, right partner, knowledge of market and trends in new market, political and economic situations, compliance with governmental regulations,determining the proper Tariff Classifications , Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), Free Trade agreement verifications, packaging, language and communication, distributors where need be, sorting legal issues and, the list goes on, PrimePath assist to alleviate these concerns are well handled and position clients for success.


    • International Trade Compliance
    • Import-Export Facilitation
    • Global Trade Training Workshops
    • Global Human Capacity Management


    • 92% found the workshops to be relevant, or provide excellent relevance in terms of their needs and interests
    • 94% indicated that the ideas, concepts, methods and knowledge were highly applicable
    • 95% noted that the workshop content significantly met their expectations
    • 71% would recommend the workshops to other colleagues


    • Increase awareness of export opportunities and potential pitfalls.
    • Avoid the most common pitfalls in the exporting business.
    • Develop international trade skills before entering into foreign markets.
    • Explore opportunities for networking, partnering and mentoring.
    • Attain a higher rate of success in foreign markets.