Dr. Teni Araba
    Director of Human Resources and Training, Driving Change Automotive Group, Canada

    Teni holds a doctorate in Public Administration from Babcock University and is an Associate member of the Chartered Professionals in Human Resource. With 15 years professional experience, Teni also holds a bachelor of Communication Arts degree where she majored in broadcasting. She worked with the state television station as a newscaster, producer and presenter gaining state-wide media recognition for her innovation and community talent development programs; Teni is currently Director of HR & Training for Driving Change Automotive Group, where she is responsible for HR & Training at its three (3) fast growing stores in Regina, Carman and Winnipeg, across the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 
    She was General Manager of Human Resources for Maersk- APM Terminals- a multinational shipping company, where she was responsible for about 1000 unionized employees. She gained human resources consulting experience with public and private companies (multinationals, media/advertising agencies and educational institutions). 

    Teni is an expert in Human Resources (HR) Consulting; Career Coaching; Recruitment and Selection; Organizational and Personal Development Training. She has trained many participants in the areas of performance & manpower enhancement, customer service, interviewing skills, Employment practices, Driving Quality and communication skills. She is a sound facilitator, coach and mentor and also holds a Master’s degree in Peace & Conflict studies. 

    Forum for International Trade Training, FITT

    FITT provides international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses. FITT is the world's leading export-import training and certification expert. PrimePath Global enjoys a strong alliance with Forum for International Trade Training, FITT. Our synergy further serves our clients with excellence and we devoted to helping individuals and businesses acquire the practical skills they need to compete in the global marketplace. The tag-team effort with FITT as an organization is second to none, FITT develops international business programs, sets competency standards in international trade, designs the certification and accreditation programs for the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. FITT truly is the professional path to global markets. We are proud of the unbeatable partnership through Primepath-FITT Training Workshop.

    Richard Engel
    Gimmel Global Trade Inc.

    Richard Engel, is an international intermediary trading expert, dealing in physical commodities in the agriculture, construction, metals, petroleum, chemical and other sectors, also involving import export logistics and procedures.

    In 2011, GGT aligned itself with, and now represents FTN EXPORTING, based in Australia and founded in 1988 by recognized International Trade Negotiators and authors of International Trade journals and textbooks. FTN Exporting has established the world’s first Secondary Market Intermediary Commodities Exchange (SMICE) Trading Board,


    • International Trade Compliance
    • Import-Export Facilitation
    • Global Trade Training Workshops
    • Global Human Capacity Management


    • 92% found the workshops to be relevant, or provide excellent relevance in terms of their needs and interests
    • 94% indicated that the ideas, concepts, methods and knowledge were highly applicable
    • 95% noted that the workshop content significantly met their expectations
    • 71% would recommend the workshops to other colleagues


    • Increase awareness of export opportunities and potential pitfalls.
    • Avoid the most common pitfalls in the exporting business.
    • Develop international trade skills before entering into foreign markets.
    • Explore opportunities for networking, partnering and mentoring.
    • Attain a higher rate of success in foreign markets.