Gabriel Araba, CITP
    Managing Director

    Gabriel is a business professional and excellent leader. He is the Managing Director of PrimePath Global Business Inc and function in business development and establishing strategic alliances. His professional experience span through many years, cutting across Sales, Multimedia, Marketing and business management. He is a professional member of FITT and resource contributor to international Trade competency standards.

    A Certified International Trade Professional and FITT International Business Professional CITP/FIBP. He possesses high honours in International Business management from Mohawk College Hamilton, Ontario Canada and trailing an Executive MBA at the University of Regina, Canada. He is an inspiring leader and key contributor to diverse projects locally and internationally.


    • International Trade Compliance
    • Import-Export Facilitation
    • Global Trade Training Workshops
    • Global Human Capacity Management


    • 92% found the workshops to be relevant, or provide excellent relevance in terms of their needs and interests
    • 94% indicated that the ideas, concepts, methods and knowledge were highly applicable
    • 95% noted that the workshop content significantly met their expectations
    • 71% would recommend the workshops to other colleagues


    • Increase awareness of export opportunities and potential pitfalls.
    • Avoid the most common pitfalls in the exporting business.
    • Develop international trade skills before entering into foreign markets.
    • Explore opportunities for networking, partnering and mentoring.
    • Attain a higher rate of success in foreign markets.