PrimePath HR –our Global human capacity development arm cooperates with organizations to carry out excellent job selection and recruitment. PrimePath recognizes that organizations are only as strong as their qualitative team of employee; therefore success relies largely on recruiting right, developing and working with the right team.

This Strategic Business Unit employs the service of expert Human Resources (HR) Consultants; Career Coaching; Recruitment and Selection; Organizational and Personal Development Training to assist companies build strong team players and highly effective professionals who contribute hugely to the organizational goal and efforts thereby able to compete in the global market.


The Human Resources Arm of PrimePath Global is committed to developing human capital for organizations, with the goal of providing exceptional career enhancement and knowledge sharing. We help your organization achieve optimum performance by partnering with you to develop your team’s career productivity levels.

We are committed to professional ,excellence, service and integrity.

Leadership focused- Conflict Resolution

It is highly essential for an organization to have clear goals, mission, vision and values. This lays the foundation for the reduction of unnecessary and time-wasting conflicts.

PrimePath believes a leader should have a high level of credibility in order to lead and mitigate conflict in the organization. “If you don’t believe in the messenger, you won’t believe the message”.

Course details include:

MODULE 1- The leader

  1. Leadership Ground Rules

  2. Credible leadership

  3. Purposefully building culture

  4. The DWYSYWD concept- Strategies for DWYSYWD

MODULE 2- The People’s leader

  1. Bringing out the best in people

  2. Coaching checklist

  3. The Power of questions- The 4 questions

  4. Multipliers and Diminishers- Liz Wisemen and McKeown

  5. 9/10 Minutes on Monday

MODULE 3- Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders

  1. Confrontation skills for leaders

  2. Fierce conversations

  3. SWOT Analysis


An organization’s success depends on its ability of its workforce to Innovate, Reinvent, and provide excellent customer service, Remain loyal and dedicated even in tough times. Therefore, it is imperative for an organization to enhance all its members and their strength to achieve common goals and objectives. The overriding theme of sustainable business partnering is being “stronger together”.

Course details include:

  • Organizational effectiveness

  • Change Management

  • Your competitive advantage

  • SWOT Analysis


The purpose of these training workshops is to continuously build the cohesiveness and alignment in your organization, particularly with respect to conflict resolution and partnership and more broadly, the health of the overall enterprise.

Conflict Resolution sessions are half-day sessions of 4 hours each, conducted in 3 modules.

The Partnership session is a full day session of 7 hours- one module only.

The total cost of these sessions per participant, per module, is $300. This includes workshop materials.

It does not include venue facilities and feeding of participants.


PrimePath Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative tagged

Career Development Series (CDS)

The Human Resources Arm of PrimePath Global is committed to developing human capital for not-for-profit organizations, youth groups, Schools and for job seekers, new immigrants, with the goal of providing exceptional career enhancement and knowledge sharing. We help your organization achieve optimum performance by partnering with you to develop your team’s career productivity levels.

We are committed to excellence, service and integrity.

In our endeavor to contribute to our immediate and larger community, we are pleased to introduce our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative via this Career Development Series with the mission to revive, transform and impact career development of our community members.

We understand your organization’s passion ‘to restore potentials and raise leaders’. Therefore, PrimePath HR will help your team in their careers, to deliver impeccable quality work with pride & passion.

The PrimePath CSR Initiative is instructor-led and designed to provide the following seminar topics:

Your Career; Your life Series

  • Preparing globally compliant resume- Resume Furnishing- We will work with participants to develop their resumes to attract the best employers locally and globally.

  • Choosing a Career

  • Career Development

  • How to stay employed

  • Overcome the fear of losing your job 

  • Job interviews- What to expect - what to do? 

  • Lay-off/Terminated- What to expect - what to do?

  • The Shift- Unemployment to Employment

  • Looking for and getting a job

  • Re-inventing Your career

  • Career Pitfalls 

Communication Series

  • Communication and Presentation skills for Individuals

  • Listening- Leading and Being Led

  • Speaking- Public Speaking; Business conversations; Presentation

  • Writing- Business writing; email etiquette

  • Reading- What to read and getting the best out of it

  • Communication and Presentation skills for Leaders

  • Listening- leading and Being Led

  • Speaking- Presentation Skills

  • Writing- Policy development and Strategy Interpretations

  • Reading- What to read and getting the best out of it

People Management Series

  • Working with People- Personalities, temperaments and Personality Types

  • Managing People (Individuals)

  • Managing People (Leaders)

  • Networking- Building relationships (vertical & horizontal)

  • Performance Management for Individuals

  • Performance Management for Leaders

Personal Effectiveness Series

  • PACE ™ for Individuals- Performance, Attitude, Communication and Excellence

  • PACE ™ for Leaders- Performance, Attitude, Culture and Excellence (Bringing out the best in people; the art and science of discipline)

  • Leadership Training- Ability to lead and take initiative

  • Building Your Confidence & Increased expertise/skill acquisition


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PrimePath provide assistance to all buyers by eliminating the hassle of fraud. We carry out due diligence to authenticate all sellers and products alike before accepting to display for sale.

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  • International Trade Compliance
  • Import-Export Facilitation
  • Global Trade Training Workshops
  • Global Human Capacity Management


  • 92% found the workshops to be relevant, or provide excellent relevance in terms of their needs and interests
  • 94% indicated that the ideas, concepts, methods and knowledge were highly applicable
  • 95% noted that the workshop content significantly met their expectations
  • 71% would recommend the workshops to other colleagues


  • Increase awareness of export opportunities and potential pitfalls.
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls in the exporting business.
  • Develop international trade skills before entering into foreign markets.
  • Explore opportunities for networking, partnering and mentoring.
  • Attain a higher rate of success in foreign markets.